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Hey guys!!

January 10, 2008

My name is WP Skilly and I am a senior in high school. My blog will include the day-to-day life of a boring high school student, random reviews (I will include a review of something in every blog), and rumors on different television shows.

Day 1:

My life is at a point where I am ridiculously bored and at the same time frustratingly busy. At school I have almost no classes whatsoever. I have three 50-minute media technology periods in which I do absolutely nothing save for watching movies and eating. I am in it because I hope to be a filmmaker someday and well, the class has equipment that I don’t have.
Along with that class, I have a choir period, where I sing. And an English class, the only real class of the day.
When I leave school, that is where I leave my boredom and enter my busy-time. Every year save for every third year, my choir does a musical. This year we are doing The Music Man and I am playing Harold Hill, the lead character. Practices are Monday-Saturday, usually 4-9, except Saturday-which is 9 am-pm. It’s crazy.

Anyways, I was just mentioning that because that’s really what’s on my mind right now.

Review of the Day: STARGATE: The Movie

This movie started the television series Stargate SG-1, but the producers of the movie have absolutely nothing to do with the show. Really and truly, the movie is a borefest. There is almost an hour and a half of nothing but people staring at each other and shots of the desert that are supposed to look epic and great but doesn’t at all. The characters don’t work well together and Kurt Russell doesn’t seem to know what he is doing. The movie is really and truly a piece of crap compared to the fantastic show that came out of it. It’s just truly sad that I have to watch the movie to go forward with the show. ** stars out of *****

Thanks, I’ll be back soon.