Wow guys, within the past half hour, I have been shitted on. I now feel like crap. I just can’t understand how people can misunderstand every word I say, I’m usually great with people, I have an indescribeable charm. But with a few people, they just seem to take me as an asshole.

I was talking with a group of people that I spend a few hours a day with every day, they are in two of my classes in the day, and I spend lunch with them. One of the girls, Megan was absent. I didn’t think much of it, people are absent all the time. Another girl in the group, named Jessica, mentioned that she wondered where Megan was. I mentioned that she was probably sick or sleeping, that it probably wasn’t a big deal. She said that she wanted to know what was going on. I understood that, but I was just amazed that she would, at the time I considered it prying into other people’s business. Of course, I know that she just wanted to know where her friend was, but none of my friends ever asked me where I was, so I never really thought it was a regular thing. I told that to her, and she called me a bastard and I don’t care about anyone. I didn’t know what just happened, I didn’t mean anything by what I said and if I said it in an insulting manner, I didn’t mean that either. I never mean what I say and I just couldn’t comprehend how someone could dislike me so much. Someone that I tend to find incredibly attractive and I tend to try to talk to as much as I can, I guess the best thing now is to talk with her as little as possible. In fact, I chose to write this instead of go to lunch today.

Kudos to filmgurl101 for writing my first comment, I hope more will discover this blog.


I went to the midnight showing last night and well, it was incredible. Completely intense and amazing. It was so crazy how it really felt like the audience was there, experiencing something as crazy as this. The opening part was rather boring, because the characters weren’t that great, but it hit fast. One of my big problems with the movie was the fact that the main character goes toward the monster to try to rescue a woman he likes, but it’s not a big problem considering he’s just an idiot. Overall, an extremely incredible movie, the ending wasn’t that great though, it felt like once they got to central park they didn’t know where to go from there. But, still great. **** stars out of *****


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