Yesterday, I was pondering quietly to myself in English class. Thinking about why some guys wear funky sneakers with jeans. Dancing around the thought of what would happen if I was able to pick up the pencil I just dropped with my thoughts, because I didn’t want to reach for it. I slowly reached out for it, because I discovered I actually could not pick it up with my thoughts. When I reached out for it, I don’t know how it happened exactly, but the point of the pencil stapped my palm slightly. It wasn’t a big deal, but it reminded me of a little incident that happened while I was in the first grade.

I was probably 6, but maybe 7. If I was six, then I would have been in the second half of my sixth year, which meant that due to all the t.v. shows and books that had all the little kids saying “I am (insert age) and a half,” I would have been going around telling everyone that I was 6 and a half, but that turned to 6 and three quarters and so on. But anyways, I was sitting in class one day playing with my big pink eraser. I loved the texture of these erasers, they were big and fun to drop or rub. Another kid at my table (it was really four desks put together, not a real table), most likely Nicolas (an associate of mine, I wouldn’t really call him a friend, because I didn’t really have any true friends in elementary school), wanted to play with my eraser. I handed it to him and he told me he was to stab my eraser with all his might to see how deep he could get into the eraser. For a few seconds (I would say a while, because that’s what it felt like, time was so much slower in those days, but it was most likely just a few seconds), I thought it would be cool, but then I realized that this was my eraser, I didn’t want a big black hole in it for the rest of it’s days. So I reached for it, when my arm arrived at the eraser, so did his pencil, and along with that, a big deep bloody hole in my hand. It hurt pretty bad, so I probably cried, and it didn’t heal for a while. My dad thought it was infected, because the wound was black. That got me worried because my arm might fall off. But it turned out to be just pencil lead that I didn’t wash off.

I don’t know why I was reminded of that, but I was.

24 Season One

Jack Bauer is introduced in this first season of a pretty great show. It’s a pretty great first season, it’s cool how it just starts off without any obvious backstory, it rolls into the first hour as if there really had been thousands of hours beforehand. There is less action in this season than in future seasons, it’s mostly build-up. But the build-up build-ups up to some awesome stuff. The only big problems are Kim Bauer’s storyline, the amnesia storyline, and Dennis Hopper doing an italian accent when he’s supposed to be doing a Serbian accent. **** stars out of *****


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  1. filmgurl101 Says:

    Hey, I was searching for people with common intrests and a whole bunch of people came up and i saw that you talked about 24 and i thought that was pretty cool so i just thought i’d say hi! =) say hi back!

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